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Metalock Engineering Hellas &
E.K. Metalock Cyprus Engineering

We are members of Metalock International Association, which was established in 1953.

We are certified from Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18001:2018.

Metalock is the unique on-site metal stitching cold repair process for cracked & broken castings. Repairs to equipment can often done in-situ, without the need for dismantling. Metalock is recognized as being the only real alternative to welding cast iron.

We use often above technique for the repair of broken engines’ blocks, which cannot be repaired with other way. Please find indicative photos from our services at our website (http://www.metalock.gr).
Please note that the representatives of our companies, who are numeric and nominal composite as follows:

  • Evangelos Katsandris (General Manager - Troubleshooter - Metalock Specialist)
  • Tzortzis Katsandris (Workshop Manager - Metalock Specialist)

are fully trained, equipped with the suitable materials and certified to implement the procedure of “Metalock Stitching”, for which we provide with lifetime guarantee, in most of our cases. Abovementioned are the only legally authorized personnel to accomplish, with absolute precision, company’s works in Greece and Cyprus.

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Crankshaft Replacement

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Crankshaft Polishing

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Counterweight Repair

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