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Step 6

(11) following by grinding, polishing.

Step 5

(9) The Metalock thread bolts play a crucial part in pressure- tight Metalock repairs.
(10) The thread bolts are tur- ned in until the heads are sheared off. The remaining metal is removed with a pres- sure chisel

Step 4

(7) ...and tightened with thread bolts lengthwise.
(8) The result is a pressure- tight connection. The casting becomes rigid again.

Step 3

(6) Threaded holes are drilled along the crack...

Step 2

(3) The Metalock key is a special molded part made of a special alloy, whose size and length are fitted to the corres- ponding crack.
(4) The holes are linked using a pneumatic chipping hammer and fitted to the shape of the Metalock key.
(5) Individual layers of keys are inserted into the openings and caulked into an interlocking form, which is practically integ- rated into the base metal.

Step 1

(1) After examination and reporting to the customer, the crack is positioned, aligned and held together firmly with special devices and clamps.
(2) Using a drilling jig, groups of holes are drilled perpendicular to the crack up to the tool depth of the casting.